This simple and bright sugar maple table was designed for a client in a wheelchair whose legs are extended when she is in the chair. The fact that her legs are extended means she has a wider swing when tucking into the table, so she needs more space between the legs. It also means there couldn't be a pedestal or trestle base in the way. 

The client's previous table forced her to eat pretty much at an angle to the table with her body almost a foot away from the edge of the table. I went to her home and took measurements of the space, and of her chairs and the height of her legs, and we can up with our own design for the table. She loved the clean and bright look of maple, and it was a great choice ultimately for the space- it really worked to counterbalance some of the darker trim and furniture. Maple has natural anti-microbial properties. We finished the table with a food safe, chemical free oil finish that bonds molecularly to the wood and crates a sort of wax seal to protect the table from stains. 

Corner legs are typically assembled with a skirt or apron. This is a 3" wide piece that wraps around the underside of the table. Corner pieces hold the skirt together and the legs connect to the corner pieces with through-bolts, usually two per leg. This is a very standard assembly that most people have seen many times in their lifetime.

In this case, the clients legs were higher than the legs of someone sitting in a chair, so a skirt would actually prevent her from tucking all the way into the table. For starters, we made this table 32 inches tall, about one inch to one inch and a half taller than most of the tables we make. 

To create corner legs without a skirt, we embedded a 1" thick diameter oak dowel 8 inches down into each leg through a 5" x 5" top plate. The dowel was covered in wood glue when it went through the top plate into the leg, and also it was such a tight fit, that now the leg and top plate are one assembly- rock solid. Nest we bolted through the top plate into the underside of the table. Voila! We have four corner legs, a super sturdy table, and skirt.

Custom means custom, but it often means so much more. We're committed to getting it right for our clients and if that means going to their home, we're happy to do it. If you need a custom table for any reason, let Cannon Hill Woodworking create something beautiful for you. Cannon Hill is where design and function meet natural beauty. Please call us at 857-576-2089 or email us at