Massive Reclaimed Oak Table with Painted Base and Matching Bench

Big is beautiful! At Cannon Hill Woodworking we have some big tables under our belt. Building big our of reclaimed oak is an art in an of itself. You need to have the strength and stamina to mill all of this lumber that is dirty, nail ridden, and twisted. Each board in this top weighs around 100 pounds so it takes more manpower to do every step of the process. But at the end, the client is still expecting his quality craftsmanship, joinery, and finish. So just because it's big doesn't mean you can cut any corners in the build and finish process. These tables are a TON of work and that makes the delivery all that more satisfactory.

The project began around six months before delivery. Bees Knees Interior Design reached out to us about a large table, but when we met in the showroom we were talking about something in the 9'-10' range, by 44" wide. The final result was 12' long and 58" wide. The heaviest table we've ever made. The base takes four people to move, as does the top. We built a special cart just to get the table from the delivery truck, around the back of the house past the pool, and near the dining room. Then the four of us removed our shoes, and carried it into the freshly floored and carpeted space. 

Zack went out to Western MA, and spent hours, and I mean hours, going through a stack of old reclaimed oak. When you go through a stack like that you really need to know what you're doing. Those hours going through the stack saved Zack and the team at Cannon Hill many many hours in the milling phase because he picked the best boards, rejecting over 75% of the material. This is why its imperative that your builder selected their own lumber. Even as we grow, we still hand pick all our boards because the impact on the build process and the finish aesthetic is so important.

The base of this table is a work of art. Cannon Hill's Sam O'leary designed it on the computer so that the client could see everything and consider how it would work with their very large chairs. Then he went to work building it from oak, and sanding it to perfection. We want people to look closely, we want people to look under the hood, so to speak. You're not going to see a rough base with a bunch of plugged screws it it. All wood joinery. And the paint is sprayed on in our finish room so it's a perfect application .

Here's another big reclaimed oak table, a decidedly different aesthetic. This one is 15' long.

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