Custom-designed Milled Walnut Table with Black Inlay

When we say that we’re a custom furniture maker we really mean custom, and it’s fun to get to show it off. Our clients came to us with a strong visual concept, and we worked with them to develop and hone it until that concept turned into a piece of furniture. We intend for our clients to be able to look at our work every day for the rest of their lives and see in their home exactly what they saw in their mind’s eye, so we take care to nail the design on the front end.

The Cannon Hill design process relies on successive decisions to bring us closer and closer to our final product. Not all of these decisions require CAD (computer-aided design) renderings, but we often provide them in order to dial in the mechanics of a table, its construction, and the way it will interact with the room around it. On a piece like this one, with a number of personal, specific touches that step somewhat beyond the average table design, we always prefer to show our clients renderings. If you’re going to go bold, you shouldn’t go in blind. Renderings allow us to get final client approval on all of our designs.

The most striking design feature of this walnut table is the jet black inlay that creates a sort of interrupted picture frame effect around the middle of the tabletop. It sets off the center of the table from the rest, and suddenly the beauty of the wood becomes a piece of natural art all its own, to be savored over dinner. We had discussed doing this inlay in wood stained nearly black, but we and our clients ultimately decided on poured marine epoxy in order to achieve a uniformity of color and tone, and to emphasize a clean contrast.

The shape of this table is another slightly unusual one. A sort of midpoint between a rectangle and oval, it has four straight sides, but as the long dimensions approach the ends, we’ve gently pulled the corners in, making the ends about a foot narrower than the middle. Aesthetically, the shape fits perfectly with the bolder design, but this was a functional boon as well. With these tightened corners, it becomes easier for people to pass by the ends of the tables without squeezing tight. Like all the best design decisions, it is the marriage of form and function.

If you’re ready to begin the signature Cannon Hill design process, and to get the furniture of your dreams out of your head and into your house, fill in the “Contact” form below, email, or call 857-567-2089. We hope we’ll hear from you soon.