Contemporary Table in Milled Walnut

Clients and potential clients sometimes ask us if it would be helpful to have a set of inspiration images, examples of furniture they’ve seen before and really like. Our answer is a resounding yes. Whether you use inspiration images just as a way to set a design tone or as a library of details you definitely want to see in your final piece, they’re always useful to our process of designing custom furniture.

Inspiration images, whether they come from our website or anywhere else, allow us to streamline the design process considerably. It can be difficult to properly convey what a piece of design looks like in three dimensions with words alone, especially in a field like furniture making, which is dense with jargon that isn’t even consistent across years, regions, or builders.

Our clients for this project came to us with a number of photos showing the detail where the corner legs meet up with the table top. This moment of subtle float is popular in more contemporary design, and we incorporate into a number of different table styles. It’s especially appropriate in cases like this one, where a rectangular tabletop flushes out with an element of the base, like a leg or skirt.

It’s important to bear in mind that the materials we use are all real, solid wood and as such they behave in natural ways. This includes, most prominently, the expansion and contraction that will always be present in solid wood. By “floating” the table above the legs, we break up the visual plane just slightly. The top and leg still read to the human eye as being aligned — because they are — but, because they’re not actually touching, when the tabletop grows or shrinks slightly (moving out of perfect alignment with the leg) we can’t pick up on the difference.

If we omitted that subtle detail, it’s likely that the vast, vast majority of people who ever saw the table would never notice. If they did see that the pieces didn’t line up perfectly at this or that time of year, it probably wouldn’t even register as a mistake. But we’d know. If we’re going to devote our lives to making furniture that can outlast us and serve our customers well for decades and more, we’re only going to do it the right way.

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