Modern Oak Dining Table with Cast-iron Wishbone Legs

We love this custom live edge table here at Cannon Hill because it demonstrates a handful of features that we really love, and a few of the ways that our processes produce furniture that nails what our clients are looking for. It’s also great because it serves as a sort of instantiation of the flexibility and freedom that we value so much. The finish tint is custom, the bases have a custom finish, and the table top is the product of some Cannon Hill problem solving.

Our clients for this table knew they wanted a live edge oak dining table, but they weren’t finding quite the right slab. Our distributor has an enormous, constantly rotating inventory and an impressive quantity of their slabs are available for viewing on their website, but the clients just weren’t seeing the one that spoke to them. So we got a little creative. Rather than wait until the perfect, properly sized slab came through we went ahead and made it for ourselves. While we weren’t seeing the slab we needed in the width range that we were working with, our clients really liked the look of a smaller, bookmatched oak set. So we found a third piece from the same tree, and glued them all up to create a single, larger tabletop that met the size requirements of our project, and incorporated the slabs that our clients liked best. That’s the Cannon Hill way: finding solutions through collaborative design.

The greyed-out look of this table is a very popular, modern choice for white oak furniture. Our clients’ beautiful home in Jamaica Plain is a gorgeous example of a classic home with modern styling, which made this wood species and finish the perfect fit. Oak has long been a preferred species in furnituremaking for its reliable beauty and hard-wearing physical properties. This status, though, means that sometimes we need to get innovative with the finish choices we make in order to maintain the design language of our clients’ more modern interiors. We landed on this grey-tinted oil finish after creating a number of samples, and it was exactly the solution our clients needed for their home.

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