Modern Reclaimed Oak Dining Table

Our client on this project was a designer helping some friends with the interiors and furnishings of a new construction home in Needham. The dining room, and indeed the whole house, is a beautiful meeting of classic and contemporary details — see the coffered ceilings and elegant light fixture — so she knew that the table would need to strike the same balance. Tables that would fit this bill are difficult to find, to say the least, and they’re simply not built to the same standards of quality and beauty as Cannon Hill pieces.

After all, if you’ve taken the time and consideration to build or renovate your home, isn’t it only fitting that the furniture that goes inside it get the same sort of treatment? There are lots of reasons to get custom furniture from Cannon Hill, but foremost is the quality. We use the best materials, the best build processes, and the most thorough quality control criteria possible, all to ensure that our clients receive furniture that will last generations.

We mean that absolutely literally — we want and expect our furniture to long outlast us. Commercially available pieces are typically built from veneers, or soft woods at best, and they simply aren’t designed or intended to last. Veneers chip, and cannot be re-sanded, and soft woods ding and scratch incredibly easily. Cannon Hill only works with solid hardwoods, which means that they can always be sanded down and refinished, virtually in perpetuity.

This table is made from reclaimed oak, but it has a modern base design, which was the result of a thorough design process based on inspiration images, and CAD (computer-aided design) renderings. Finding that right balance between the reclaimed material that harkens back and the base that evokes mid-century classics took some back-and-forth, but that back-and-forth is exactly what we do every day here. Custom means taking the time to get every detail just right, and we’re committed to the process.

If you’re interested in custom furniture, reach out to us via the “Contact” form below, email via, or our shop phone at 857-576-2089. We’ll help you make the perfect piece that will last you a lifetime.