Basement Bar and Shelf Set

This project was a fun departure and an opportunity to build for a type of space that we don’t often see. Our client was finishing out his basement with a full bar and a total redesign set to give the House of Blues a run for its money. Once we had some inspiration images in hand, we set about planning the build and ensuring that our finished product would look at home in the tricked-out new basement.

The decision to use milled white oak for this project essentially came down to client preference, as well as the fact that we all felt pretty confident that the bartop at least would take some abuse over years. We want our work to look just as good when the client’s young kids are old enough to enjoy a drink at the bar as it did on the day we delivered it, and oak is a natural choice for long-lived durability.

We handed off the staining and spray finishing of this bartop to a local third-party finishing house. Occasionally, when we and the clients get the sense that they’re after an exceedingly particular look and need an extra-special finish, we’ll outsource these final steps. As much confidence as we have in our finishes and our ability to nail custom tints, there are times when there’s just no replacement for a shop that specializes exclusively.

The small shelves behind the bar feature simple LED undermount lighting, creating a really special effect that really sells the music venue feel. While there are a number of ways to do “floating” shelves like these with no visible supports, Cannon Hill only ever works in solid construction. Some builders will use hollow frames, veneers, and even edge banding to achieve a similar look, but none of the half-measure solutions are ever as stable, solid, or reliable as the Cannon Hill method.

The rock-club look isn’t one we often shoot for, but we always build rock-solid. Check out this reclaimed oak table at the link below to see a completely different build style:


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