Matched Single-slab Oak Coffee and End Tables

This matched coffee and end table set originated with a set of inspiration images of similar styles that our client really liked the look of. As is often the case, though, the “off-the-rack” tables they found were all lacking. Either sizing, or materials, or finishes, or build quality wasn’t up to snuff no matter where they looked. Here, exactly, is the benefit of working with Cannon Hill: we design and build our own totally custom furniture, order by order, right here in Boston to your specifications. Our materials are of the highest quality, our work is impeccable, and the whole design process is an active collaboration between client and builder — the way it should be.

This coffee table top, and its accompanying end table, are both made from the same oak slab, sourced from our preferred distributor in the Berkshires. While we do a lot of work in the live-edge format, we encourage our customers to consider a single-slab rectangle —or oval, or whatever shape you need — like this one. The table here comes from one large slice of a tree, just like a live-edge slab does, but rather than leaving the natural shapes of the tree’s exterior we cut a regular rectangle from the heart of the slab. As beautiful as live-edge is, it doesn’t necessarily work for every design and, more to the point, sometimes our clients need the discretion that cutting a custom shape and size allows them.

The stain that we applied to this oak was the result of Cannon Hill’s “custom color” program. Stains and finishes are notoriously difficult to get just right, so we’ve developed a system of finish and stain samples that allow our clients to narrow down the options until they’ve found just the right one. No two pieces of wood are exactly the same, so we go to considerable lengths to demonstrate the range of outcomes by means of various and sizable samples. In this case, there was a lower bound on how dark the clients wanted the table to turn out, and we took our time to ensure that the stain would fall with it. Wood’s an organic product, and stain isn’t paint, so there’s natural variation in how every piece will come out; in cases like this, we lean on our years of experience to get it right.

To see another coffee table that’s also built of oak and stained but has a completely different look, check out the link below. If what you see interests you, keep browsing the website, and if you have a project in mind, fill in our “Contact” form, email, or give us a call at 857-567-2089. We hope we’ll hear from you soon.