Stained Oak Corner-leg Dining table

Here at Cannon Hill, we work with homeowners and design professionals alike to turn out furniture that will meet or exceed every functional and aesthetic goal that they or their clients can conceive. Designers are channeling their client’s intention and trying to pull a huge range of considerations together into a coherent whole, so we offer them our expertise and our experience. We like to think that we don’t just sell furniture, we collaborate with our clients on a process, professionals or not. Even to interior designers who constantly have things like finishes and shapes in mind, Cannon Hill has some of the finer-grained knowledge, of things like how stains and clear coats interact with the various species, and whether a style of base will be reliable enough to meet our standards. We’re here not just to build a table, but to guide you through the system that leads to one.

On this table, the designer we were working with had a number of specific functional and aesthetic choices to nail, and we took the time to get them all just right. The edge profile of the tabletop is known as an “ogee” and there are countless variations of size and proportion. It took some back-and-forth, but together we landed on just the right silhouette for the client. Similarly, the homeowner had a strong sense of the size footprint that they’d be comfortable when all the chairs were tucked in underneath the table, which led directly to the corner-leg and skirt design you see here.

Perhaps most particularly, the dark brown stain that we applied to this oak table was the result of Cannon Hill’s “custom color” program. Stains and finishes can be notoriously difficult to get just right, so we’ve developed a system of finish and stain samples that allow our clients to narrow down the options until they’ve found just the right one. No two pieces of wood are exactly the same, so we go to considerable lengths to demonstrate the range of outcomes. For this table, we did stain samples right on the tabletop itself, and the designer came into our workshop to see them in person, on the piece, in various lights. Needless to say, his client was thrilled with the piece, and he was glad we took the time to get it right.

As good as this stained oak looks, we also do a lot of completely clear, transparent finishes. Check out this spray-finished live-edge dining table in walnut, to see a completely different species with no stain at all:


Whether you’re a homeowner, a design professional, or a business owner in search of a showstopping piece, get in touch with us by filling in the “Contact” form on our site, emailing, or calling 857-567-2089 to get the process started.