Joinery-leg Oak Coffee Table

You may have seen coffee tables, or even dining tables, like this one before — with functional and attractive joinery at the corners and a low, sturdy stance. As a matter of fact, the starting point for our design was a handful of other tables that our clients brought to us. They had seen commercially available coffee tables that they liked aesthetically, but they knew they wanted better quality for their home.

That’s a distinct advantage of working with Cannon Hill — the quality of the build. Even if the project you’re after doesn’t require the highest levels of customization that we offer, every single piece that leaves our workshop is held to the highest standards of quality for both attractiveness and functionality. We only trust build processes that have proven themselves over time and testing, and we only use the best of the best materials.

This table is made of premium-grade white oak, and finished in “Pure” Rubio Monocoat 2C oil, for an attractive, natural look. Rubio is one of two finishing products we use for virtually all of our projects here at Cannon Hill, the other being a super-durable, two-part urethane spray. Each of these two finishes is top-of-the-line in its category, and while neither is better than the other, there are certain trade-offs: the oil is easier to refinish, while the urethane is slightly more resistant to staining. No choice is right, and no choice is wrong, it’s simply a matter of personal preference. You can read more about our finishes here.

The oil finish is great for bringing out the natural warmth of the various wood species, like the white oak that you see here. The pale creams and tans of the unfinished wood mellow into warm, inviting golds and even some hearty brown tones. Some of our clients prefer to use pale whitewashes on oak to keep that same warmth out of the finished project, depending on the decor of the room where it will go. We have a lot of experience with various types of color manipulation, and we offer a thorough sampling process to ensure we nail whatever look our clients want.

If you’re ready to begin the custom furniture design process, reach out via the “Contact” form below, email us at, or call us at 857-576-2089. We hope we’ll hear from you soon.