Oak Table with Hand Turned Legs and Extensions in Somerville

This white oak table was for a couple who'd recently gotten married and moved into a new place in Somerville. This is a really classic table design, but it just looks better when Cannon Hill Woodworking makes it. For starters we turned the legs in house, so they are made from the same material as the top. Other "custom furniture" companies in Boston would buy these legs from a 3rd party vendor, so material would not be an exact match and the proportions would not be to the client's exact specifications. In this case, the client actually made a computer mock up for us of the legs. We made it with the base a little bit wider in diameter. Oak is a dense and heavy material and we wanted it to be sturdy. For complex turned legs, we will often buy them because the client's don't want to pay for the labor for us to make them custom, when there is a nice option at $1000 less, but in this case the turning was sill enough that we could provide it as a reasonable cost.


The extensions are done with one of Cannon Hill's two patented table extension systems. Our systems can't be beat. We 3d Print and install parts on the underside of the table, and the extensions are rock solid. Most builders can't extend a table more than 12 to 18 inches, and even at those sizes, you can push on the extension and it bounces like a diving board. We know because we use to work for some of our competitors and they have no idea what they're doing. So when we came up with our systems and put them through the US Patent approval process, we knew we were on to something special. 


The table has a Rubio "Pure" oil finish. The oil finishes bring out a warmer tone in oak that is really nice. They resist stains for up to 6-10 hours, and water rings for an hour or two. If you want the warm tone, and the stain protection, we can do a "combo" finish which would be an oil finish, and then a spray finish. 


White oak is an incredibly durable and classic aesthetic. You'll never get tired of it and it will never fail you. Here's another white oak project with a trestle base as opposed to a corner leg assembly.



If you want a custom table, and you want it to be built with care and purpose and quality craftsmanship, don't buy something that looks good in a photo from a furniture store! In person it just won't cut it because furniture is meant to be touched and used, not looked at on a computer screen in a professional photo shoot. Call us at 857-576-2089 or email us at info@cannonhillwood.com.