Th design for this reclaimed oak kitchen island base began as a walnut island with an I/X trestle base. We did a computer spec drawing for the clients when they first reached out because they wanted to achieve three specific design and function points: the I/X trestle, the bench had to tuck all the way in (so the bench height had to line up with the thinnest point on the trestle base, and they wanted an extension for stool seats on the ends. All of these points were achievable, but it required some careful planning on our part.

The design changed from the walnut I/X to the reclaimed oak island that you see here, but the functionality and sizes needed to be the same. The bench design also added the low back and the upholstered seat. We hand carved the curve of the seat back and worked closely with the client and the upholsterer. The client selected the leather and we collaborated with with the local upholster so that he knew exactly what to expect and make for us. At first we got it wrong- the bench seat was inset in a frame. The client had wanted the bench seat to overhang the front, so we made the necessary alteration. We rarely get it wrong, but because we're always on schedule and in close communication with our clients through email and photographs, we made the alteration before the delivery date.

The clients were remodeling their newly purchased home on the North Shore of Massachusetts. They wanted their kitchen island to also function as their dining table and they wanted to be able to add an extension to get two more seats at the table. As such, we built a bench for one side and they put stools on the other. We also built an extension out of reclaimed oak. This was a very challenging project for us but we are so happy with the final result. Our extension systems are typically affixed to the underside of the table tops. In this case that wasn't possible because we were only building the base and the top was quartz, into which we couldn't fasten anything. After several weeks of design/build trial and error we were able to come up with a system for the reclaimed oak kitchen island that we are very happy with.

The client coordinated our delivery with the installation of the quartz countertops and island top so that we could be there when the top went on our base and then line up the extension perfectly with the top.

All in all there was a lot of coordination and design involved in this piece and ultimately we built a beautiful, strong, and functional reclaimed oak kitchen island for our clients. 

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Here is another kitchen island we've done- this one a walnut top: