Reclaimed Oak Table with Alcove Bench and Chairs in Southie

This set is awesome! The client came to us with the idea for her new condo in South Boston. Her alcove is a bit tight for a custom dining table and chair set, so a wrap-around bench was a really efficient way to get the maximum amount of seating in the space. And given that she has two reclaimed oak and metal frame chairs, anyone that doesn't want to slide in can sit at a chair. 

We had to adjust the size of the table a few times when the framing, drywall and trim went into the space. That was fine with us. Whenever there are some small elements of the design of a custom reclaimed oak table or furniture project that will be TBD, it doesn't hold us back from coming to a price agreement and sourcing material and getting started.

That's the beauty and advantage of coming to a custom furniture maker who understands the build and remodel process. We know where in the contractor's process to finalize the specs in your own project. Sure, you can get it wrong and say "not my fault" but at Cannon Hill Woodworking we just get it done right and we care about your custom furniture being a perfect fit the first time- so we're always willing to come to your home and take measurements and talk through the function and size of your project.

The client in this case knew exactly what she wanted from a design standpoint. After some collaboration on size and function, we came up with a 40 x 57 table and a 17 x 57 extender, so when the extender is attached, the table is a 57 inch square. This is a really cool function of this reclaimed oak table- it can add several seats in just about thirty seconds and then you have a nearly 5 foot square table that seats ten comfortably. 

The barn boards are truly authentic reclaimed wood- locally and responsibly sourced. This reclaimed oak is over 150 years old and came to us from Western Massachusetts. It was most likely floor and ceiling joists in its previous life. Using old wood for your table and bench is a very environmentally friendly way to get your hands on a bold and modern piece of furniture with a rustic feel and a real local history. 

This reclaimed oak project has a pure oil finish. But we also do custom dark colored reclaimed oak tables:

This set is now in South Boston. We do a lot of work in city apartments and condos to help people maximize their dining capacity in limited space. We love a challenge of getting as many people seated at your table in your space and our removable table extension- which can make your custom table longer or wider, can help you do just that. This client had a lot of fun working with us and we were really happy to see the finished product come to life and make her extremely happy.

If you want to build furniture that is bold and functional, give us a call at 857-576-2089 or email us at We're excited to get started with you.