Reclaimed Wood Bed and Nightstand Set in the Seaport

This king bed and matching nightstand set in the Seaport began as rough, dirty, nail-ridden barn siding and went through a multi-step cleaning process in our shop to remove debris and old paint. It was then hand-sanded with high grit sandpaper to soften and smooth out the ridges and corners, without removing the grey aged color of the wood. It was then white-washed with oil and protected with a water-based sealer.

In this case, the clients came to us with photographs of "reclaimed wood" beds they'd found through supposed high end online furnishing stores. Besides the fact that these beds are mass produced, the popularity of reclaimed wood has spawned an industry of uninteresting wood that is machine "distressed" to look old. At Cannon Hill Woodworking we don't touch this stuff and we never fake it. It's easy to make something that is supposedly "reclaimed" look beautiful in a touched-up photograph. Those pieces won't stand the test of time because they are cheaply made and they aren't unique. At Cannon Hill, we make our clients pieces of furniture that will become heirloom pieces.

If you're in the Boston are we also offer a service that these clients took advantage of. We come to your house and take measurements and plan out your furniture. In this case, we went there and measured the space and their existing bed frame. They wanted to max out the room because they eventually plan to buy a Cape house and move this set.

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