Reclaimed Oak Table on Cape Cod with Pedestal Bases

This reclaimed oak table now lives in a sunny kitchen overlooking a swimming pool in the town of Harwich Port. The sunlight brings out every but of character in the real reclaimed wood top. The client came to us thinking she wanted a walnut dining table. When she was able to come to our Seaport showroom she fell in love not only with the reclaimed oak, but also with the idea that we can make pedestal bases custom and by hand. We typically start with 3 or 4 hand drawn designs and let the client mix or match, or change them, in any way they like. Sometimes clients have found a photograph of a pedestal base they like online, and we shoot to match that or change the design in some way.

The table itself is 80" long, and the extensions on this reclaimed oak table are two feet long on either side. This very comfortably adds at least 4 diners to the table. This is our proprietary table extension system at its finest. Two big heavy oak extensions are no match for the strength of our supports, and they completely remove so that you can't see any sign of the system when they aren't in use.

At Cannon Hill Woodworking we do stain samples for our clients for a small fee, and we mail several rounds of colors and finishes until we hone in on the final decision. This table has a hybrid stain, a mixture of English Chestnut and Ebony colors, to produce this custom brown. The topcoat finish is our super stain resistant oil-based-urethane finish, which is as stain resistant as our lacquer sprays, and a little more satin. 

Here's a link to a very similar table that we built. The client saw the first on our website and wanted something very similar:

If you're interested in a custom table, please contact We'll get back to you quickly to discuss design and pricing.