Thirteen-foot, Super-custom Reclaimed Desktop

Our clients on this project approached us to commission a desk that would fit the aesthetic of the renovation that they were undertaking for their loft apartment in Boston’s Seaport neighborhood. With beautiful old posts dotting the floor plan, and exposed brick throughout, the goal was to evoke the historic, the well-worn, and the time-tested. In our book, that makes reclaimed oak the obvious choice.

This custom reclaimed desk is a great example of Cannon Hill’s hyper-custom capabilities. Specs from our clients’ architect gave us a sense for what we were aiming for, and then successive site visits gave us the information we needed to undertake the build. Even then, though, it was only once the desktop was on site that we were able to make the careful cuts that allowed for a tight, regular cut against the wall and the post.

Typically, a counter or desktop in situations like this one will install before the drywall goes into place, which allows the cuts at the back to be simply “good enough” — the wall boards will sit on top of the seam and hide it. No such luck in this case.

With all drywall in place, a post to account for, and enclosing walls on three sides, this installation demanded a lot from the Cannon Hill team. Careful cuts that reflect existing lines drawn from the environment are known as “scribes,” and this project involved a number of them. Our crew ensured that the front edge of the desk stayed parallel to the back wall, that the desk fit tightly to the post, and that everything sat flat and level.

Based on our visits to the site, we designed custom steel bases for the desk that would fit perfectly both aesthetically and for the room’s layout. By building of steel rather than wood, we can often work in slimmer profiles, which can be extraordinarily valuable when there are layout considerations.

No matter what sort of custom furniture project you’ve got in mind, Cannon Hill has the experience and the expertise to bring it to life. Fill in the “Contact” form below, email, or call us at 857-576-2089 to get the design process started.