Reclaimed Oak Table in Chatham Home

This wide reclaimed oak table with 18-inch extender boards nicely fills the elegant dining space of this beachside house in Chatham on Cape Cod. Reclaimed oak tables are beautiful dining tables in any home, but tend to find themselves more often in natural and rustic settings (e.g. mountain houses, barn houses, beach houses, and farm-to-table restaurants). These are settings you often see farmhouse style tables. That being said, "modern farmhouse" is very much a "thing"! (It's so hot right now). You can put a reclaimed oak top on a sleek metal base and now you're ready for the most modern of spaces. The barn wood for this particular table was sourced from Pennsylvania and came to us through a distributor in New Hampshire.

This reclaimed wood table has a skirt and square legs assembly. You can't really get any more classic than that. The rails for the extension boards are fixed to the underside of the table and hidden by the skirt. You pull them out and lock them in place so they don't sag. Then you can put the extension boards on. The extension boards always run horizontally to the table boards. This is for structural reason in the extension board itself so it never warps over time. 

We enjoy making tables for the Cape or lakeside properties. There is something really nice about knowing people will be enjoying meals at the table with a view of the water or that unique ocean smell in the air. 

Here is a photo of another reclaimed oak table we made that lives on Cape Cod- this one with a walnut skirt and leg assembly:

The clients were extremely happy with this table. Their last table, which was store bought and around 20 years old, had a thinner top and a leaf system for extension. The boards of the table were horizontal to the length of the table. This is never good for the longevity of the table because wood moves over time- even the floors and foundation of your home will move over time. As expected, nothing lined up anymore and the mechanisms were sticky and finicky and hard to manipulate. We also recognize that the extensions or leaves on tables are only used a handful of times every year. Why break up the grain of the long 8-9-10' boards of your table for two meals a year? Hence, the extension system on the ends.

We have made tables with leaves. Especially round, oval and pill shaped tables which couldn't take extensions on the ends (though its also possible to have a square table that becomes an oval table- food for thought). We use a heavy duty extension slide system that is build to last decades. Regardless, we always air on the side of extensions on the ends.

If you're interested in reclaimed wood furniture or furniture that extends to accommodate larger parties, please give us a call at 857-576-2089 or email us at 

Table Height: 30 inches

Table Width 44 inches ( a nice width for squeezing extra people on the corners and ends)

Table Length: 84 inches (7 feet), seats 10 comfortably

Table Length with Extender Boards: 120 inches (10 feet), seats 14+ comfortably