Reclaimed Oak Coffee Table with Subtle Brown Oil Tint

This reclaimed oak coffee table was built custom for a repeat client who sent us a design she was hoping to achieve in a specific size out of reclaimed oak. That's often time how we do things here- we receive a photo but maybe it's not the right size, proportions, material or finish, and we build it custom for someone. Often it's just simply that people have finally learned that internet furniture stores have a lot of money to spend on photography, but their products never look or feel as nice in person. This table goes great in this space. Reclaimed oak makes really nice tables as it has the durability of oak and the reclaimed character that you can't fake with "distressing" that big box stores do. This table has a subtle brown Rubio oil finish. 

Reclaimed oak has a ton of character. We source it from Western Mass and hand selected each board to ensure functional material. Some of the boards are so twisted, or decayed that we have to reject them. The reclaimed oak we use is likely 120-150 years old as a construction material, so the trees could be 150 to 250 years older than that. 

We like building new designs and custom designs. You don't need to spend a ton of money on factory made crap! If you have the budget for that stuff, then you really need to consider a custom build. The value and longevity of a real hardwood, custom made piece, not to mention the enjoyable process of having a custom one-of-a-kind piece of furniture made just for you, makes it a no brainer. Cannon Hill makes beautiful and functional reclaimed oak furniture. Send us an email to get your reclaimed project started at or call us at 857-576-2089.