Reclaimed Oak Table with I/X Trestle in Needham

This reclaimed oak table has a robust trestle base that allows for more comfortable seating at its corners. Every board on this reclaimed oak table is unique. The individual traits of a reclaimed board are completely hidden before the top layer is scraped away on our planer. These traits include variance in tan, brown and red tones, as well as saw marks, nail holes, knots, and splits in the wood grain. As we plane the board down, some of the variance in color evens out, and the finished product is smoother. However, reclaimed oak tables are made exactly to your liking. Some clients want to feel rough saw marks and the bumps of every nail hole.


Table Height: 30 inches

Table Width: 42 Inches

Table Length: 84 Inches (7 feet); Seats 10 comfortably