Reclaimed Oak Corner Leg Dining Table

One of our specialties here at Cannon Hill is a popular style of furniture built from what’s known as “reclaimed” lumber. Reclaimed material is lumber that has previously been used, typically in the framing of buildings, and which has been salvaged during the demolition or renovation of a building. While the demolition process is underway builders will set aside the old posts, beams, joists, and studs for re-use, saving this perfectly usable wood for an entirely new purpose. We love reclaimed material because it allows us to prolong the lifespan of long-ago felled trees - there’s no reason at all why this material should make its way into a landfill when we can give it a new lease on life. Reclaimed lumber has a beautiful patina typically characterized by pre-existing nail holes, aged grain, and the comparatively rougher milling processes of years gone by.

This table is built in reclaimed oak and finished with oil - a combination with a long, proud history in furniture making here in New England and beyond. Its light colorations and straight, identifiable grain are familiar, but using reclaimed material guarantees a one-of-a-kind look. Aside from all the physical characteristics of the furniture white oak builds - hardness, durability, stability - are the aesthetic considerations. With more natural finishes like the one we used here, oak suggests a warmth and reliability that feel any home in more classically-styled spaces.

This table is eight feet long, but each side has a two-foot extension, allowing it to grow to a full twelve feet. The extensions and the brackets that support them are installed and uninstalled via a  patent-pending, tool-free, hassle-free system that we’ve designed and perfected over the years. It allows our clients to extend the length of their table considerably without any risk of the ends drooping or sliding around, and requires no more expertise than the ability to turn a screw. As with all our components, the extensions are rock-solid and never sag or rattle in the way that some other systems you might be familiar with do.

Long, beefy dining tables like this one certainly aren’t the only thing we do well here at Cannon Hill. Check out the more contemporary styling of this walnut coffee table with a metal base:


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