A classic farmhouse table! The color blends beautifully into this open and bright space with its grey and blue accents. This is a reclaimed oak table with turned legs in a Martha’s Vineyard summer home in the town of West Tisbury. We deliver all of our tables ourselves as long as we physically can! We can ship as well. Zack grew up spending his summers on Martha's Vineyard and his grandmother's home is still in Edgartown. Sam grew up going to the Cape every summer with his family. We happily deliver on Friday's to the Cape and the Islands and spend the weekend when we can!

Tables made of reclaimed barn wood boast diverse shades of both red and white oak and have a lot of history and character. The rough boards come to us around two inches thick, and the tables are typically an inch and a half thick when finished. With a pure or natural finish (as opposed to a dark finish), they are typically found in brighter spaces like dining rooms with windows, breakfast nooks, or as kitchen island tops.

There are tables on the market called "distressed" and at times the word "reclaimed" is used more to describe furniture that is in a style and not actually built from reclaimed wood. This is a travesty! What's worse is that people aren't given enough information about it and they end up buying a table from a high end store that was machine altered to look "distressed". This is a process whereby the table is beaten up. Side by side, these tables don't hold a candle to real reclaimed oak furniture. 

Come to our showroom in the Seaport and see and feel real reclaimed wood table tops. We can finish our reclaimed tables with different shades and tints that all look really nice and we're happy to provide samples. Real reclaimed oak tables are thick, durable, sturdy- you can feel and see the history. They're smooth to the fine touch with some minor uneven and bumpy surfaces. These are all part of the character but they are never an issue from a functional standpoint. There are saw marks, color variances, nail holes, and cracks (that we fill)  all over the top that you could never fake by "distressing" the furniture. Only age and use as a construction material can give you that authenticity.

Here's another real reclaimed oak furniture piece we made- this one a hope chest:


Reclaimed oak is in high demand and eventually there won't be as much and the prices will increase as with any limited commodity. For now, we're able to make these tables affordably- the material is only marginally more expensive than walnut. The history is priceless.

If you want to learn more about reclaimed wood tables give us a call at 857-576-2089 or email us at info@cannonhillwood.com


Table Height: 30 Inches

Table Width: 38 Inches

Table Length: 72 Inches (6 feet); Seats 8 comfortably