Ideally you have the length of material to use single lengths of board whenever you're doing a waterfall so that the grain patter can continue over the edge. It's a subtle thing, but when you don't do it, there is something subconsciously off about the piece. This reclaimed oak bart top was a careful build. We went out first to measure and template. The tricky thing about the waterfall is that it not only needs to be scribed to the wall on the top and side, but also have a perfectly centered 15" diameter cut for the sink and a small hole for the faucet. So the only way to really nail the install is to leave both pieces long. We then installed the top piece first. Then we were able to measure down and install the waterfall piece. The waterfall piece needed to be notched for unevenness in the wall and also for the baseboard. We have to do several rounds of citing to make sure we didn't overcoat because we only got one shot. Then when we knew nothing would move, we had to measure for the sink and faucet cut out,  remove the top and cut the diameter in the yard. 


At Cannon Hill's woodworking we are a full service design, build, and install company. We can help you select materials and finishes, design the piece, and install it. This bar has an "espresso" stain and a 2k Urethane (Milesi) spray finish which will give it superior water resistance as it's a wet bar. It is part of a remodel in Duxbury. If you're interested in having a custom piece made and installed in your home, or as part of a remodel, give us a call at 857-576-2089 or email us at Usually all we will need is photos of the space, and we can give you a full price for the entire process, which is great for you because we don't charge hourly for install work.