Bastogne Walnut Coffee Table with Criss-Cross Base in Bay Village

Bastogne walnut is a hybrid of the California Claro and English walnut. These trees aren't cultivated, rather they occur naturally in the wild. They are rarely found in general, and very rarely seen on the East Coast. They grow to be very large. We've actually made a pretty magnificent 12' Bastogne walnut table previously to working on this disc cut "cookie" as it's called. The disc cut on this custom coffee table is approximately 31" around. The walnut cut came to us with some abnormality to the shape that we cut out and blended to make a more uniform shape for the coffee table top. It also had several very small soft spots (from dead bark inclusions) and a few cracks. That being said, the client's picked it knowing that we would be able to turn it into an absolutely gorgeous coffee table. 

We use wood hardener and epoxy to harden the dead spots and then we saturate them with oil based urethane until they no longer soak it up. We filled the cracks with a reddish two part epoxy that we thought would blend nicer than black. The top of this round walnut coffee table is smooth to the touch.

The metal base for this walnut table was custom made as well. Cannon Hill's Sam O'leary put his Industrial Design degree to good use in figuring out the lengths and angles of the cuts, and our welder took it from there. The base is sandblasted and powder coated for a smooth, scratch resistant and rust resistant finish. Much smoother and thicker a coat than a spray paint.

This coffee table has an oil-based-urethane finish over the live edge walnut which has a slightly higher sheen than our other finishes but it works really well to seal this disc cut because it has multiple coats. Our single application oils would have soaked into the wood over and over. 


Here's another table we built out of Bastogne walnut, which we have access to here at Cannon Hill.


If you're interested in having a custom walnut coffee table made, or any custom live edge table, we're here to help you find the perfect slab. Please email us at info@cannonhillwoodworking and we'll respond very quickly. We look forward to hearing from you.