Extending 48" Round Oak Table

This table, a 48” diameter round that can extend as much as 48” to a full eight-feet long, took a lot of work from our lead designer and engineer, Sam. With a growing family in Boston’s South End, our homeowners wanted a “forever” table that they’d never need to replace, but they also needed it to serve a few functions at once. With space at a premium, the clients wanted this table had to be functional - that is to say, not too big - on a day-to-day basis, but they also wanted to be able to host family for holidays.

In order to accomplish all these goals, Sam looked over the pieces of design inspiration that our clients provided and then sat down with a pad and pencil. With a number of options down on paper, we were able to work with the clients to home in on the sort of thing that actually fit their aesthetic sensibilities. In the end, the design process is as nearly as much about eliminating options as it is about providing them. Eventually, we landed on this circular base with half-dowel profiling, new to us but exactly the right choice for the client.

Beneath the surface, though, lies no mean feat of furniture engineering. This table retains its stability and center of balance at three different lengths (48”, 72”, and 96”). In order to bring this build off the page and the computer screen and into the clients’ home, Cannon Hill needed to do quite a bit of work sourcing hardware and components. In the end, it all came together wonderfully and we were able to check every box on the clients’ list.

With the build dialed in it was just a matter of nailing the stain and finish of the piece, which we were able to do through close collaboration with our client’s interior designer and Cannon Hill’s custom color selection program. By providing samples through the mail and in person, we know that together we can source or create just the right color palette for every piece and every home.

Here at Cannon Hill, we make lots of tables that extend, although few of them use the “center-out” mechanism you see here. Typically, we use our in-house-designed, patent-pending extension bracket system. Follow this link to see a table that uses those brackets:



Whether you need a table that has extensions or not, don’t hesitate to reach out to us to see how we can design and build the perfect piece for your space. Fill in the “Contact” form here on the website, email info@cannonhillwood.com, or call 857-567-2089 to get the ball rolling.