Yea, so the name of our company is Cannon Hill Woodworking, but that doesn't mean we can't orchestrate another type of table, because our steel work is all done in house and we can contract local companies for glass or stone work. So this table is a 72" round glass top, a huge, heavy 1/2" thick piece of tempered glass. So this base needed to be big, strong, and a serious visual centerpiece because the glass top is obviously see through.

So we first designed it in CAD, so make sure we had all the angles correct. We used 4 x 4 steel and welded the base. The client looked at dozens of color swatch samples from Prismatic Powders which supplies all kinds of colors and textures for steel powder coating. They ended up deciding to go with a polished look so the table was polished by us, and given a clear coat finish. It was not powder coated.

The glass top was sourced locally. There are companies that custom cut glass to all kinds of specifications.

If you want to mix and match materials, that's no problem. We can make a wooden base for a quartz top. Here's an example:

If you want to make a truly custom piece, and you don't know where to start, and you want someone to essentially build some components for you, and at as a contractor for the rest of the furniture piece, look no further. We'll get back to you right away. Our email is and our phone is 857-576-2089