Round Elm Slab Kitchen Table

This kitchen table here combines one of our favorite materials these days with one of our favorite base styles. Our client for this project wanted to make sure that whatever table went in the space wouldn’t take up too much room, and that chairs could be pushed in efficiently.

The slab for this table is English elm, a species that’s making its way into more and more of our furniture all the time. We and our clients love the warm golds and ruddy browns, but it’s the distinctive grain patterns, characterized by swirling and figure that we might expect on species like Claro walnut. The elm allows our clients to get those striking grain patterns on furniture that might fit better in their homes, given that they’re much lighter in hue than their walnut counterparts. Using slabs like this one, rather than milled boards, also makes it possible for our clients to get a really solid idea of what their finished table will look like. Our slab distributor has an extensive, well-photographed inventory online, and while sanding and surfacing will always reveal things that aren’t immediately visible, the photos give us a really solid foundation for choosing one or another.

Perhaps the only drawback to elm, though, is how difficult it is to get in milled lumber form, thanks largely to the devastation wrought by Dutch Elm Disease. Which means that we’ll sometimes stain other species the have a similar appearance, make them appear even more alike. The stain that we applied to this hickory base was the result of Cannon Hill’s “custom color” program, to ensure that the coloration would be right. Stains and finishes can be notoriously difficult to get just right, so we’ve developed a system of finish and stain samples that allow our clients to narrow down the options until they’ve found just the right one. No two pieces of wood are exactly the same, so we go to considerable lengths to demonstrate the range of outcomes.

To see another, completely different, style of round table, check out this link:


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