Rustic Hickory Hutch

This hutch is made from rustic hickory, which is a hickory that is particularly knotty, and is very popular for wall paneling and bar/counter siding and cladding. The client reached out to us with photographs of a hutch that belonged to an old roommate. Her roommate has moved, and taken the hutch with her. She longed for another hutch to replace it. A tale as old as time. To her credit, she made this as easy for us as possible. She sent us power point (there are some images below) with all the dimensions we would need. 

We suspected that the hutch was made of some sort of knotty pine or rustic hickory, but the best thing to do was go to the lumber yard and send photos so the client could pick her favorite. The rustic hickory had the knots and character that she was hoping for to match the old piece. 

We also send the client over 10 color samples of brown stains and finishes so that she could select the color that she felt best matched the old piece. Matching color from a photograph is nearly impossible, and though we do our best, there is no substitute for sending samples to the client and allowing them to select what looks best in the lighting of their home.

We were able to find perfectly matching hinges and knobs for the hutch, and we built the crown molding for the top to look the exact same. When we arrived with the piece, the client told us that it was even nicer than the original. She was super happy with it and it looks great in place of the old one, forever linking the two roommates in furniture. 

If you are hoping to recreate or match an old piece, give us a call. We'll tell you what is and isn't feasible. The trickiest part is always the finish because most people don't know what material and finish was used. Also, if a piece is 50 years old, it doesn't look the way it looked when it was made. Time and sunlight have changed the finish.


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