These are seven teak tables we made for a restaurant that is being built in Revere, overlooking the water. Four of the tables are dining height and three are coffee table height. As with many of our projects, on these bases we started with a photograph and we came up with specs and built the bases custom for our clients. These bases have a black zinc powder coat to ensure the most rust proof coating available for seaside furniture.

These round dining tables are made out of real European teak. Teak is naturally a very oily wood. If you feel the wood with your fingertips it has a mild waxy feel to it. This rich natural oil content in teak tables allow them to withstand outdoor use better than just about any other wood. Mahogany, for example, is another great wood to work with outdoors. There is another wood called Iroko. Iroko is sometimes known as "African teak" because it looks similar to teak and has similar oily qualities that make it a good choice for outdoor furniture. European teak is about 4 times the cost of Iroko. That' for a reason- it's more rare to source and the beauty and longevity is undeniable. 


Here is a project we did with iroko:

  These round teak tables are for outdoor use so they are finished with a 2K Eurethane spray. The 2K has similar stain resistant qualities to lacquer. It's the best in the business. But it has more flexibility in the material itself which allows it to expand and contract with the wood in the humid summer and cold winter. A hard finish like lacquer on an outdoor table would eventually crack.

We do commercial work at a fair price. We're able to discount our furniture considerably because of the labor efficiency of making several pieces that are similar. We're also always willing to provide finish samples for designers and architects to show their clients. We can handle it all. Contact us for a quote on a large commercial project. We'd be happy to help with the entire process- from material selection through finish. Please call 1-857-576-2089 or email