Sipo Mantle Surround and Walnut Kitchen Island in Milton

This project came to us from an awesome client who also happens to be an interior design professional remodeling her own kitchen and living room. Here at Cannon Hill Woodworking, some of us come from a professional remodeling background, but remodel is not what we do as a group because we are very much set up as a workshop operation. We make furniture for the most part. That being said, we do build accent pieces and install them. We've done many bar tops and live edge shelves and walnut kitchen island tops for example. 

In this case we did a walnut kitchen island top with a cutout for the cooktop, a sipo mantle surround and live edge walnut mantle, four floating walnut shelves, and a walnut knee wall cap. All in all, we made four trips to Milton. So the planning and effort required in mobilizing our shop is not insignificant. That being said, this client was so great to work with, and we loved channeling her vision, that it was really a lot of fun.

The kitchen island and the shelves are finished with a 2k urethane spray. The mantle has an oil finish, which will need re-application of a maintenance oil when the wood's finish inevitably get's dried out by the fireplace. This is an easy and chemical free oil, that smells good. Some beautiful things are worth maintaining. If you have furniture you really care about, then applying a maintenance oil every few years can be a cathartic experience. On the kitchen island however, the grease splatters and cup rings needed a more powerfully stain resistant finish, hence the 2k Urethane Spray (Milesi). 

This was about as collaborative as we can get with a client at Cannon Hill Woodworking and we hope to do more projects like this in the future. We will make accent pieces for your remodel, and communicate with you and/or your carpenter's and GC to integrate our deliveries and installations seamlessly with their work.

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