Reclaimed Oak Table With Trestle Base in Pittsburgh

This reclaimed oak table was delivered to the client the day of their move to Pittsburgh (yes we timed it that way). We built the base so that it could come apart in the pieces and be easier to load into the truck. The top is a 10' reclaimed oak top, with a Rubio oil "pure" finish. The top has 3" breadboard ends on each side, which are done in a responsible way so that they allow for the expansion and contraction of the wood throughout the year, and doesn't restrict it in any way, which caused warping over time. 

The base is a custom built, handmade trestle base that is built from scratch out of reclaimed oak board. It has the same incredible character as the top. A base like this can be inset, like this one, or expanded so that the legs are closer to the corners and it acts more like a corner assembly without the skirt from a seating standpoint.

The finish on this table is Rubio oil. The oil finish looks the best on reclaimed oak tables in our opinions and it allows you to feel all the character of the wood. 

Here's another reclaimed oak table with a skirt and square leg assembly, and extension boards.

We hand select the reclaimed boards for all of our tables and we do such a good job milling them, that they are flat and smooth when we're done with them and the seams are tight and smooth. You've never touched fine reclaimed oak tables until you've touched a Cannon Hill Woodworking table. We do it better than anyone. Some companied actually put the boards on large CNC flattening machines because they can't do what we do, and the end result is a loss of so much of the character. Quality over quantity always here. And you can't even compare these tables to the fake crap that passes for "reclaimed" furniture from the so called "high end" distributors. That stuff is composite or distressed garbage. Don't be fooled. See and feel the difference for yourself.

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