The clients are furnishing a new construction home in Rhode Island with a grand open concept living, dining, and kitchen area. They have dark concrete floors and a dark granite countertop. They came to visit the shop hoping to create a 3" thick by 6' diameter table top to fit on a big heavy metal base that they already had. On this oak dining table top, Cannon Hill Woodworking only made the top, though we do make custom metal bases.

We made three samples of White Oak, Red Oak, and Ash with the black oil that we planned to use to achieve the deep, uniform, dark black color. They took all three samples back to Rhode Island so they could see them in the light of their space. This is something we encourage clients to do. It's very likely that the lighting of our shop or showroom will not be the exact same as that of your dining space. In addition daylight and overhead lighting re going to look differently on any finish so it's good to look at them at different times of day.

They chose white oak. We carefully selected board that were naturally very flat and straight. On such a large glue up ints important that the boards aren't twisted at all and that the jointing is perfect- 90 degree angles. The base that the clients had would not provide us with any opportunity to help keep the top flat. We nailed a perfect glue up. This table top is perfectly flat. 

It took a special router big and a lot of time to get something this thick perfectly rounded. We started with bigger saw like the skilsaw and sawzall to get close to our diameter and then we did multiple passes with a heavy duty router connected to a custom made radial jig to cut a perfect round circle.

We also make ovals. Check out this reclaimed oak oval table top that we made:

It's also an extremely heavy oak table top. Oak is one of the heaviest and most durable of the domestic hardwoods that we commonly build with. It took four of us to move it into their home and install the base with threaded inserts and bolts.

This table has a lacquer spray finish for extra stain protection. It's a beautiful, clear, matte lacquer that goes on smooth and doesn't look shiny or thick.

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