The clients have a built-in bench in their kitchen in Cambridge and they previously had a very thin table alongside it. The table needed to be thin because if it were any wider than 28" it would encroach upon the doorway. It also happens that the table runs towards a side door from the driveway to it needed to be short as well, so it didn't crowd that door, but with the ability to extend if their hosting. This isn't their formal dining space but it's where they end up eating the majority of their meals with friends and it's where they have both of their baby's booster seats attached directly to the table top.

This gorgeous walnut slab was meant to be in this space. We lucked into it. I'd been to Rhode Island in the summer to buy a large walnut slab for a dining table, and remembered that sawyer had a stack of 30" wide and thinner walnut slabs in the 7" long range that was drying out and would be ready after the New Year. I squirreled away that little bit of information. 

I contacted the sawyer in Rhode Island and sent a few options to the client. They selected this slab because it tapered at the end. We made the thinner section the extension. It's just wide enough for two plates. Most of the time, this taper would be looked at as unfortunate but in this case, it was perfect because it lined up with passage of the doorway. It's better to be lucky that good, I suppose!

This table has a same-slab extension which is something we're experts at and nobody else knows how to do! The extension and the rail system are fully removable. The table has a lacquer spray finish, which is a professional and commercial quality, highly stain-resistant finish. It's common that people with young children request a lacquer finish. 

The base is a metal "Double I" base which is a very functional design on short and narrow tables. This is because the center of the base is only 4" wide. Chairs can tuck in further on the long ends of the table. The people seated at the ends can straddle the 4" wide base easily. 

If you have a unique space, and need something is a very custom size and design, but you also want it to be a beautiful piece of furniture that is one of a kind with a professional finish, Cannon Hill Woodworking is here for you. Please call us at 857-576-2089 or email us at We will get back to you quickly.