13 foot Elm Live Edge Table

This elm table came out absolutely magnificent but it was a LOT of work. The slab itself was 13' + when we received it from Berkshire Products. Our client drove out to the Berkshire to assess the slab and see other options. We recommend that any client buying a slab from Berkshire go out and see it in person. It's such a personal experience to pick you own and find one that speaks to you.

The slab had a 7' long "check" or split down the middle. We installed over 10 large bowties on the underside to hold it together. We can put bowties on the top as well. Either way it has to be done to hold the piece. Then we poured multiple rounds of a clear epoxy into the crack to fill it. Again, this is up to the client. If you leave the crack open it will have a more natural look. However, if you spill, liquids will go right down onto the floor or carpet. We can make these epoxy fills clear or we can obscure them a grey/black, or we can add a pop of color. 

The base was custom built for this table and powder coated black. We built the beam as well to match the top. The beam is actually hickory but it matches the elm perfectly. 

This table was obviously very heavy but we delivered it ourselves to the client because we love to see our tables in their final destinations and in this case we hadn't met the client yet.

This table has an oil finish.

Here's a link to another large live edge table we did, this one red oak:


If you're interested in a live edge project, please reach out at 857-576-2089 or email us at info@cannonhillwood.com. We highly recommend Berkshire Products inventory, but also know other vendors who may have lower pricing. We're experts on shaping, flattening, and finishing these large slabs.