Unique Display Coffee Table

As furnituremakers, we spend a great deal of time thinking about the minutiae of materials and joinery and style, about those moments where two pieces come together, and about the overall effect when we step back. We’re proud of our abilities and our capabilities as designers. Ultimately, that’s what sets Cannon Hill apart, and it’s what defines our particular value.

Just the same, we’re not too proud to execute others’ designs. In this case, our client had already hired someone to design a coffee table that could also serve as a display case for the Star Wars Lego models his young sons and he had built together. The design was clean and efficient and distinctly evocative in the way that great design always is. There’s something about those corners…

Naturally, there were tweaks in the details that arise when the practicalities of the build process rear their heads. There are seams that ought to be oriented like this rather than that, and joints that need to come together just so, but effectively this table is the one our client brought us on paper.

We often tell our clients that they can act as the gas pedal, and we’ll be the brake. What we mean is that we want to them to define the functionality and aesthetic of the piece; we’ll step in when our experience and our expertise tell us that something won’t or can’t work. This version of the relationship allows us to ensure that our clients will get the piece that they want, and the one that they will love.

It’s a treat to work on projects like this one, and it’s a treat to deliver them. We make a lot of coffee tables, and each one seems to have its own personality. We build and intend for our pieces to last years and years — for generations, really. It’s our sincere hope that this table can serve the family as a reminder of the time they spent together on the project, even if the Legos have been stored away elsewhere.

Whether you need a super-custom coffee table or any other sort of furniture, let us know and we can begin the design process together. Fill in the “Contact” form below, email info@cannonhillwood.com, or call 857-576-2089; let’s build something together.