Custom Walnut Bookshelf with Metal Frame

One of the advantages of working with us here at Cannon Hill is that when we say custom, we mean custom. Each project we do is a true one-off, designed, built, and delivered according to the specific requirements of each client and each home. That means you won’t need to compromise on size or aesthetics, because our holistic furniture design process takes every stage from drawing to delivery into account.

We spend most of our time in the shop working on showcase-caliber tables, but our capabilities extend to all manner of furniture. Our client on this project needed a bookshelf for their South End loft that would fit the airy, semi-industrial look characteristic of these homes.

Furniture delivery may not be as glamorous as furniture making, but it’s every bit as important. After all, it doesn’t matter how gorgeous a piece is if it can’t make its way into your home. We’re proud to be from Boston, and the city has informed our style and our process in countless ways. One of them is the way we consider and account for the restrictions that will exist in the delivery phase. We cut our teeth — and scraped our elbows — in the tight, steep stairwells of Beacon Hill and the North End, and we learned long ago that you can’t beat geometry.

Our client needed a bookcase that was taller than her staircase would allow, so we took to the computer — and the welder — to custom-fabricate a subtle two-piece frame that disassembled for delivery. Our absolute insistence on the solidity and reliability of our construction meant that we had to run a few design iterations until we were satisfied, but in the end we landed on a slip joint system that’s barely visible but functionally bulletproof.

Working with Cannon Hill means that you’ll never have to sacrifice beauty for brawn — we deliver both. We made the shelves on this bookcase of solid black walnut, milled right here in our Boston workshop. Walnut is the perfect species for riding the line between traditional and contemporary styling, so it’s a perfect choice in this sort of loft apartment.

Whether a delivery to your home will be a breeze or an adventure, Cannon Hill has the expertise and the experience to make the whole operation come together. If you’re ready to start the conversation about how to design and build the perfect piece for your home, fill in the “Contact” form below, email, or call us at 857-567-2089. We hope to hear from you soon.