This approximately 50" wide by 8 foot long walnut book match is two sister slabs that were shipped to us from our distrubutor after a collaborative section process with the client. When the slabs arrived in house, we took photos and marked the slabs with blue tape to ensure that the clients knew exactly where we planned to cut. Walnut bookmatched tables have a unique aesthetic and appeal, as they achieve this mirrored look that is really nice. Additionally we can better manipulate the overall width of the slabs because we can cut the inside seam down at different angles, and keep the outside edges live. So we can more easily achieve a uniform shape whereas sometimes with a live edge slab you are beholden to some crazy shape that is not super functional.

This table has wishbone bases from one of our favorite third party distributors, YJ interiors. These bases are strong enough to support the big top, while having basically the most minimal footprint that you could want in a base. The shape of a wishbone base is probably the best you can get as far as seating and chair tuckability, and they look really nice as well. The table has a 2k Urethane spray finish with a high level of stain resistance.

Here at Cannon Hill Woodworking we are live edge experts, not only in the sourcing and design process, but also the build process, we collaborate at every step of the way with our clients to ensure that they get exactly what they wanted, and just as importantly what they expected. Give us a call at 857-576-2089 or email us at and we'll help you design and price a table within 24 hours.