Walnut Live Edge Table with Stainless Steel Base in the South End

The clients came to us looking for a live edge walnut dining table. We did an exhaustive search for slabs that would meet their requirements and be as beautiful as possible and we came across these gorgeous slabs at the 11th hour. It can be hard at times to find a live edge slab in the exact species that you want, in the exact size that you want.

Cannon Hill Woodworking works with local and national vendors, and we keep you looped in on the search process so you can feel like you made the right decision. It's fun to look for a slab for a custom live edge table. The harder the search, the more rewarding it is when you find the live edge slab to make your custom table. These slabs came from one of our distributors in Maine. He didn't want to give them up because he knew how beautiful they were going to be (you could tell from looking at them, even before we flattened them) so we struck a deal that's got us all involved in the future of a Butternut tree! So it goes with a small local business working with local live edge wood vendors who know how hard it is to find affordable slabs for custom tables. 

This is a book match- two slabs together. In this case the slabs are from the same tree, which usually means their grain is going to match well. The table is 84" x 44". You can see that to get the full seven feet we left a little bit of the crotch which we think pays a nice homage to the slabs former life as a tree. It gives the table its own unique character and we cut it down to be only 2 inches so that it wouldn't encroach on where a plate would sit.

Here is an example of a triple book-match live edge table: https://www.cannonhillwood.com/photos/triple-bookmatch-live-edge-walnut

 The stainless legs were also made custom for the project. Real stainless steel legs are more expensive than a simple stainless steel paint color, but the look is unmistakably cool. Stainless steel is bold and beautiful to match the shine of the slab. It's one of the most beautiful slab tables we've built to date. It has an oil finish, which is always more beautiful than other types of finishes, but it requires more care when eating- placemats and coasters will be this tables friend. Over time, if it does stain, it would be easy to sand lightly and refinished with a maintenance oil. 

You can see where the crotch of the trunk was beginning to split into two. That grain pattern associated with the crotch is often the most incredible you'll find in walnut. This table now lives in the South End.

If you want to add a beautiful hand-crafted live edge walnut table to your home in a custom size, and you want help with the process of selecting a slab, please give us a call or send us an email at info@cannonhillwood.com.