Walnut Dining Room Cabinet Oceanside

This four drawer walnut dining cabinet was designed by the client and built by Cannon Hill Woodworking from milled walnut lumber. She sent us a great, simple hand drawing with specs, and we were able to convert that to a computer spec rendering from which we sourced walnut material and began to build. This is a one of a kind custom walnut furniture piece that now lives alongside a walnut dining room table that we made about a year ago. This walnut table looks great in this new construction home overlooking the ocean on the North Shore. We love making projects for repeat clients because they already know how enjoyable the process can be and there's less to cover up front. They know that if they tell us what they want, we will make it happen.

Each board of the build was hand selected for this specific cabinet. It makes such a huge difference that Cannon Hill Woodworking hand selects every board for every project. It takes us more time, but when you see the end result it is always worth it. We have seams in only the places they belong because we think about where every board we pick will go in the piece.

It's really enjoyable to start with a hand drawing and end up with a functional and beautiful piece of furniture. If you'd like to try your hand at designing a piece of furniture, walnut or otherwise, for your home, we're the company for the task. We won't limit you in any way... in stead, we'll walk you through your options and help you make informed decisions. Email us to get a project started. Info@cannonhillwood.com or call us at 857-576-2089.