Walnut Table with Cabriole Legs and Skirt Molding Details in Atlanta

This walnut table with cabriole legs is real thing of beauty! We really appreciate when a client wants something truly elegant for their home. We worked closely with the clients, sending photos back and forth and meeting them in our showroom with color samples, to get the exact profile on the molding and finish that they desired. These walnut cabriole legs were designed and handmade in our shop by Cannon Hill's expert woodworker Sam O'Leary, and are built to last. There is a video on our instagram page of Sam working on them. You can find us on instagram @CannonHillWoodworking.

At Cannon Hill Woodworking we are proud to hand make tables with legs and bases that other companies buy machine made. For example, when you see pedestal bases painted black underneath a table top, odds are it is because the base was machine made from a different material that didn't match, so it had to be covered up by "designing" a black painted base. 

We can buy cabriole legs too if that's the only way to fit a clients' budget. We're not morally opposed to it! But it costs more to have us make them by hand, as it should. The difference in quality and craftsmanship is very obvious. Our handmade legs are spectacular. That being said, machine made cabriole legs are very nice too, and with an oil finish will match our table tops well. So we leave the decisions up to our clients and we have a very transparent pricing and sales process so you know what you're getting and can weigh your options between machine made and hand-turned or hand made by Cannon Hill in our workshop. Let us put it this way- anything you would buy in a big high end furniture store is machine made, most likely overseas. So if we source machine made legs, we at least buy them in the United States.

Sometimes people do not realize that the base or legs of the table can take more labor than the top of the table. So it's nice to look at your options between machine and handmade when it comes to pedestal bases, turned legs, and cabriole legs. Still,  when shopping for custom furniture locally, make sure to ask what is and isn't handmade. It's important to know what you're paying for and to know if your furniture maker is trying to pass something off as handmade that isn't.

The client wanted a darker finish, so we used a dark food safe oil on the walnut that still allows for all the beautiful wave patterns of the grain to show through. This table, and the clients, moved from Boston down to Atlanta, Georgia permanently, so we were lucky to receive photographs of the table in its new home. 

We can use a black oil on any wood type. We actually have various black tints and stains that we use. Some for oil finishes, some for urethane finishes, and some for lacquer spray finishes. They are all a little different. At Cannon Hill Woodworking we are extremely knowledgeable about finishes and happy to provide samples. 

The table has two 18" extension boards, so it can be made nine feet long in under a minute. Our extension system is really solid. We use a system that we came up with ourselves. Unlike the wooden rail systems that are never perfect and sag, we have a system that locks into the table top which we've never seen anywhere else. 

Here is an example of a table with our "floating" extension system which doesn't require a skirt because it is fully removable. We use these on tables with trestle, metal, and pedestal bases.


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Table length: 72" Seats: 8

With Extenders: 108" Seats: 12 minimum

Table width: 40"