Live Edge Walnut Cocktail Table with Funky Infinity Base in Seaport

The base for this live edge walnut cocktail table was a fun one to build for Cannon Hill's Sam O'Leary. All hand carved. The client came to us with the design for the cocktail table. We happened to have some live edge walnut in the shop and we pulled it all out and sent her photos of the options for how we could construct the top. It is a triple book match, meaning three pieces of lumber together, with two live outside edges. For style, we left the sapwood stripes in the middle. 

We think a base like this would look really great with a glass top as well to show it off. This is one of the pieces that sets us apart. It isn't a pre-designed table on our website. This is a truly custom, very technical build, and the result is beautiful. You can stare at the base and wonder how it was made. That's the Cannon Hill difference. We use real wood joinery. You don't see a bunch of puttied screw and nail holes in our tables.

The top dimensions are 52" long by 46" wide. The finish on the top is an oil finish. 

This live edge walnut cocktail table goes great with the funky decor of this space. It's a modern piece of functional art. Here's a photo of a difference walnut coffee table base. The possibilities  are endless and we welcome you to try to design your own piece with us. We'll help you design and we'll build it better than you'd even imagined it.


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