Walnut Coffee Table with Oval Glass Top

This coffee table was made for a client for her recently purchased home in Wayland. We went to her home to help her take measurements for both a dining table and a coffee table. This is a service we offer because it can be really helpful to have an expert who makes furniture for a living walk you through the general spacing requirements for furniture. Originally it had a different design. Then the client got inspired by a tall standing lamp! So we did several drawing for her that were inspired by the tall standing lamp, and by the trapezoid bases that her dining table were getting. She loved the idea of keeping the trapezoid theme consistent. It's also a nice sturdy shape in general to support the heavy 1/2" thick glass top.

We ordered the glass custom and had it shipped to our workshop. Glass was a nice choice for the living room because it keeps the space visually open and appears to take up less room because you can see through it. It's also about as stain proof as any eating surface can be for those who like to take dinner to the couch. This top is a 37" x 26" oval, fit perfectly to the space after careful a measuring process. The height is 17" tall, which is flush with the height of the sofa cushions. 

This walnut coffee table base was of course handmade in our workshop. There is no visible joinery- no screws, plugs or nails. Also hidden wood joinery. It has a beautiful oil finish. The oil brings our the rich browns and caramels associated with walnut. They're all in there.

Here is another walnut coffee table we made. A totally different design. We do it all at Cannon Hill Woodworking!


If you want to design your own coffee table, or have us help you with a design, or you have seen something you like elsewhere that you want to tweak (both in the design and size) and you want it to be high quality and locally handmade, then give us a call at 857-576-2089, or email us at info@cannonhillwood.com. Feel free to include photographs of your space and of designs that inspire you!