Walnut Coffee Table Set with Black Steel Base

It's not easy to match an existing piece. We rarely agree to do it without making sure that the client understands that perfect matching is nearly impossible when the materials used are old and the finish is unknown. That being said, we can come very close. So as long as it's understood that there may be very minor differences in the tone of the piece or the sheen of the finish, especially when something that's newly finished is put next to something that was finished a decade ago. 

The client came to us in hopes of making a coffee table and end table set that matched an existing media console in their living room in Stoneham. Their daughter, an interior designer, drew up the pieces for us and we got to work. We built them to specs and the metal frames were also built custom. We made the top and base in coordination with our welder, so we were able to make sure they came out exact.

 The boxes and tops are solid walnut. We don't mess round with cheap veneers that have the same patterns and scratch easily. The drawer fronts are also solid walnut. The drawers themselves are solid maple with dovetail joints. 

Here is a link to another walnut coffee table we made. This was is much less traditional:


The coffee table is 55" by 26" and the end table is 16" by 30". In the end, to the casual observer, the two new pieces matched the third almost perfectly. We did our best, and the client was extremely happy with the result.

If you want a coffee table or end table, or perhaps a bed to match an existing piece of furniture, lets talk it through. We'd love to see photos of the piece or a sample if some part of it can be transported easily. Give us a call at 857-576-2089 or email us at info@cannonhillwood.com.