Walnut Dining Table with Angular Legs

Our client on this project got in touch with us because he was moving into a new condo in Brookline, and he wanted a new dining table to fit — and set — the tone of the space. The building is one of those beautiful buildings with intricate penny tiles and oak paneling in the halls; our client wanted a piece that would feel appropriate to his more contemporary styling and decor. It can be a tricky thing to update the interior of a unit in a way that doesn’t jar visitors as they step in from the hallway. Our client pulled it off, and we’re happy and proud to be a part of the process.

A milled walnut table like this one is an easy way to create continuity with the past, the present, and the future, and the aesthetics of all three. Walnut has a long history in furnituremaking, for exactly the same reasons that it’s so popular today. The species shows tones of chocolate, caramel, and even greys, reds, and purples filtering through, which means that it can fit in a wide range of interior styles.

Similarly, this table manages to bridge that gap between older and newer styles, by bringing a distinctly mid-century vibe in an original design. The base involves both sharp angles and gentle curves, and brings them together in a very simple set of legs that flow naturally.

This table has two of our proprietary table extensions, which allow it to grow from 72” to 108” long. We’re quite proud of our system, because it installs entirely without tools, is completely invisible when removed, and provides rock-solid extensions up to nearly 30” each. Most leaf systems are either bulky, unreliable, or difficult to use. Ours is just the opposite, and it will never stick or droop, like some do. It often doesn’t make sense to size a table for the busiest days of the year in one’s home, but extensions allow us to create the perfect table for both daily use and holiday gatherings.

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