Walnut Dining Hutch and Table Set in Jamaica Plain

This walnut dining hutch was fun project to work on because it was months and months in the making and the client really cared about every detail of the work. When the clients first reached out they were dreaming of a hutch and table set in solid walnut to complement the dark floors, trim, and penciling of their classic carriage house in Jamaica Plain. Walnut furniture is a great choice because it goes well in all kinds of spaces

On both the walnut dining hutch and table, we did what we do best which is take a series of photographs, and the clients' hopes for the project, and convert it into clear build specs and multiple pricing and design options. They had decisions to make about size, amounts and sizes of doors and drawers, thicknesses, mullions on the doors, the trim and molding on the top and bottom. Every little detail was discussed.

There were probably sixty emails back and forth before we had exhausted every decision and detail. The idea behind custom furniture is to give a true custom experience- for the client and the builder to form a relationship around the piece and the creative and sales process. There's no reason sales can't be fun!

The hutch is made from solid walnut boards. Even the shelves are solid inch and a quarter thick walnut. The client came to us with a size and design, and after a long design and material prep phase, we were able to deliver to them this really beautiful custom set. The hutch is six feet wide by seven feet tall. The sideboard has two boxes, each with two doors and a shelf inside. Above them is another box, that with three cutlery drawers.

The glass was sourced locally and cut custom as one of the very last steps after we'd assembled the doors and had perfect measurements for the glass. We installed them ourselves and adjusted each door and drawer to fit perfectly. This kind of a custom build requires perfect drawings, exact cuts, and strong assembly so that when the door and trim go on, everything fits perfect and has even reveals.

The table is 60 x 36 and has two optional 12" extender boards. Is has a custom trestle base. The walnut goes really nicely with the dark wall trim in this classic Jamaica Plain home. 

If you can imagine a piece of furniture that you would love to design and build, let us help you. We're not just builders. Our team can design and draw and we are as patient and informed as anyone around. Let us guide you to your dream custom walnut furniture set. Give us a call at 857-576-2089 or email us at info@cannonhillwood.com.

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