Sleek, Contemporary Walnut Dining Table

This table features a number of subtle, modern touches that set it apart from what you might be able to find elsewhere. A mild bevel on the edges, a tightened roundover, a tough, spray-on finish. These are all the sorts of things that you get with Cannon Hill's custom furniture, built to specification, one at a time.

Unlike live-edge slabs, milled lumber like what you see in this table has been cut and surfaced on all six sides of each board, granting us a huge degree of control over the finished product. Cannon Hill mills all our own material right in our Roxbury workshop out of rough-sawn lumber purchased from local wholesalers, which allows us to hand-select only the best and most fitting boards for each piece. Tables built from milled boards can be cut to any size or shape and designed to fit any aesthetic, traditional or contemporary, rustic or spare. While we build most of our tables from 8/4 material (rough-sawn at about two inches) this table is of 6/4 (rough sawn at about an inch and a half), because the clients were looking for a slightly slimmed-down silhouette. Thanks to our totally custom furniture design process, we can build exactly to our clients specifications.

The bases that these clients chose are a style we love, known around the shop by the name of the first clients we built them for. We make the curved legs by resawing lumber – that is, cutting it parallel to the face of boards – into thin, flexible strips that we laminate to each other and bend to a form in our workshop. By the time the laminating process is complete, we’ve got rock-solid legs that often have subtle variations in color that echo the tabletop above them. On the bases as well, our clients opted for a slightly trimmer, sleeker profile to remain in keeping with their home’s aesthetic.

The only time we ever put a limit on the design choices of our clients is when we know, from experience and experimentation, that the functionality or stability of the furniture would be jeopardized. We didn’t even begin to approach that point on this project, but it’s something that’s aways on our mind. There are limits to how light - or indeed how heavy - or how thin or how this or how that we can make a piece, and we very simply do not build furniture that plays with those limits. However, precisely because we put such a great deal of effort into the design of our custom furniture, we are confident that we can find an answer to every challenge and a piece for every aesthetic. To learn more about our process, visit the Residential tab on our website.

If you’d like to begin the process of designing custom furniture for your home and your look, fill in the “Contact” form below, email, or call 857-567-2089. We hope we’ll hear from you soon.