Classic Walnut Dining Table with Matching Benches

This walnut table and bench set is about as "instant classic" as it gets but is a great example of the versatility of walnut. This table is in Southern Mass, in a Cape style home that has been remodeled. As such there is a lot of wood in the space, but it is modern, updated, clean, and nice. Walnut can be right at home there, but it also fits in super modern white and grey spaces. It's just the freakin best! This table is 96" x 42" and make from thicker 8/4 walnut material. The matching benches are made from the same stock so it all goes well together. 


Walnut bench seating is a very efficient way to get booties around the table. In stead of being so concerned with the size of the chairs and the spacing of the chairs, a bench just accommodates everyone and people take up the room they take up depending on their size. You can squeeze a bunch of kids at a bench. Benches also don't need to be as deep as chairs because your behind hangs over the back so it allows people to have a thinner table, and for the bench to tuck all the way in under the table. Most bench seats are 14-16" deep, whereas most chairs are 17-19" deep and then there is a back that add a few inches. So you have more tuck ability with a bench for sure, and you don't need to worry about placing chairs around your table legs.

Here's another 8/4 walnut dining table with a custom wooden legs:


This walnut table was built like every Cannon Hill table. Hand selected materials, hand crafted with the finest machinery and tools and highly skilled team of woodworkers and furniture builders. It has an oil finish, which is durable and stain resistant and has a nice matte and natural aesthetic. Give us a call. There is a difference between our tables and other tables you'll find elsewhere... ours are better!  857-576-2089 or email