The size of this black walnut table, the design of the base, and the size of the extender were very important in this instance because the table was going in the kitchen, in a corner which already had a built in bench. There was only 60" until the doorway, but the clients wanted to be able to seat 8 at the table when they hosted. So we made them a 24" table extension, which only we can do because of our proprietary locking extension hardware that is super strong at virtually any length of extension. 

The double-I base is a great shape for a short table, because it allows you to cheat the bases towards the ends, and the person seated at the end can still tuck in because the base, which is only 4" wide at the center, fits easily between their legs. In this case, the extension blocks the doorway, but that's only when they're hosting and there is another way around, so it was worth doing to fit two more at the table.

We also made them chairs. These chairs are handmade, without any screws. They have all real wood joinery. The seats and every component of the chair is hand carved and completely custom to any design. We gave the table and the chairs the same black oil and oil based urethane combo finish so that they match and look great together. There's really no other way to match chairs to your table unless you have them made by the same person at the same time from the same batch of wood.

The bases are also custom made to fit the width of the top. They have a black powder coat for extra scratch resistance and durability and they are bolted to the table with threaded inserts and bolts. So they're super sturdy and don't require a cross piece. Sine we designed the table and chairs, the two chairs slide easily in between the base even though the table is short. 

Here is another set we did in walnut, with a very different style!

If you're looking to fit a table in a tight space, we are here to help. We can walk you through design and function of the table and theirs and cons of every decision. Give us a call at 857-576-2089 or email