Walnut Extendable Round Table with Incredible Tapered Base

This extendable walnut table was the product of a lot of collaboration between the clients and Cannon Hill Woodworking. First we met in the showroom and began to hone in on a design. The clients were deciding between a pill, an oval, and a round table to start with, and the base type and placement of the base as it related to seating was very important. After many emails, the clients came to our workshop to finalize everything.

We went back and forth on a lot of base designs as they relate to the extension and seating. A lot goes into it- size of the top, placement and design of the base, the size of the chairs, and where the chairs will go. There are two main types of extension table bases. One type of base would be a pedestal, which is fixed in one place while the table top extends. The other type is similar to this table, where the bases are on either side of the split and they pull apart as well. 

The clients wanted to add a lot of length, 44" to the table total, so we needed to use extensions that were strong enough support them. We like to buy extension slides from Osborne Wood Products. They're great.

The base was a lot of work. The clients had seen a bed post that had an octagonal taper and they wanted to recreate it. We did a computer spec rendering for them so we could know exactly what bevel and angle to put the legs on, and to know how thick the legs would be is we tapered them. Cannon Hill's Sam O'leary built a special "octagonal taper jig" to run the legs through to make these sleek tapers, and then he hand notched the cross pieces.

This walnut table has an oil based urethane finish. 

If you want to design a table, we think that's awesome! These clients did, and they got exactly what they wanted. Call us at 857-576-2089 or email us at info@cannonhillwood.com.