What incredible figure in the grain of these walnut boards! At Cannon Hill we hand select every single board for every single table. Not only does that create less waste, it ensures you get a carefully selected and beautiful table! Other table makers, when they get to the level of production that we are, begin to order their wood from the mid-west to save money. They pick irresponsibly, farm-factory walnut trees that don't have the kind of incredible character you see on Cannon HIll's tables. Sure we could save a few dollars, and many hours each month but what's the fun in that!? This walnut table top is living proof that your furniture maker owes it to you to select the boards for your table top!

Walnut is a durable hardwood that goes well in almost any style of home. With a trestle base such as this one, it presents a more classic feel, but it also looks very modern with a metal base. Of the hardwoods we typically use at Cannon Hill Woodworking, walnut is probably the most popular. Our walnut table tops are incredibly beautiful and you get what you pay for! There are literally websites where you can order a walnut table top. They use thin boards with minimal character. All walnut is not created equally. Don't be fooled!

This is a really popular style of base, but we can make all sorts of variations. Everything we make is custom. Nothing is templated, or mass produced. So you can tell us little things like you want to see more space between the angles pieces and the ends of the horizontal pieces, or you'd like to see a thicker vertical, or you'd like the base to be wider overall. It's all good, because it's custom. 

Here's another walnut dining table we made but with a black oil and more elegant legs:


Contact us about a custom walnut table, or any custom furniture piece. We'd love to talk you through our process. Email us at info@cannonhillwood.com or call us at 857-576-2089.