Live Edge Dining Table with Custom Cradle Base

This table is a fantastic example of the sort of handmade custom furniture we spend our days making here at Cannon Hill. Our clients approached us with a number of inspiration images, and we worked together to unify those images into a single table design. This project obviously draws heavily from the work of famous 20th-century furniture makers, but we endeavor to put our own twist on everything that goes out our door.

Even when we’re working from inspiration images that lay out a general aesthetic and specific detailing, our design process remains completely bespoke for each project. Clients who choose to work with us do so because they know that a Cannon Hill project is an opportunity to drill down into the elements of a piece of furniture that few other builders are willing or able to. If you’re going to invest the time and, let’s face it, money in a custom piece then you should take the opportunity to nail every detail.

When we build a custom table, which we do every day, each component is milled and handmade right here in our Boston workshop by skilled woodworkers. We don’t work from a catalogue or a library, and we don’t have predetermined cut lists, which allows us to develop a build process that’s suited specifically to the needs of each individual project. If a particular table needs a component that we’ve never made before, so be it; we have the freedom and the capability to fabricate everything we need in-house and on-demand.

The base of this table is a study in symmetry and angularity. Composed entirely of straight lines, there is an undeniable modernity existing alongside a stark simplicity, softened somewhat by the warm tones and natural, flowing grain of the black walnut components.

A base of this style is an excellent complement to a live-edge top, because it allows us to put a refined twist on the raw, natural effect that’s central to the live-edge. It’s important to us that our live-edge tables achieve the same degree of sophistication as everything else we build, so we take the time to create and execute just the right designs.

If you’re ready to start a conversation with us about developing custom furniture for your home, fill in the “Contact” form below, email, or call us at 857-567-2089. We hope we’ll have the chance to work together soon.